Sonnet Digital Audio (SDA) has a history of innovation in many fields within the world of acoustics and electronic design. In the Audio industry, SDA is primarily known today for its research and development of DAC chips. Within the Electrostatic Speaker arena, experience dates back to 1989 and gradually over time broader electronic applications have evolved. A diverse range of acoustic system products have been created during this period, always relying on solid natural laws. Digital signal processing has played a significant role in more recent years. Research will continue to pursue acoustic system improvements, in all fields and utilised in future products.

From a Digital point of view, acoustic problems seem easy to solve but in practice this is only partly true. Problems can arise when using cheap materials for example and cannot be compensated for in the Digital domain. Therefore, a good Analogue design is still the best base, upon which any digital corrections can take place. We have decided to go back to our roots and introduce new lines of high performance products.

Not only will we focus on manufacturing complete matched sound systems but on a broader level, our knowledge, latest research and continuing developments, will be used to create new OEM components. These will have many applications - specifically for domestic use and the professional Recording Studio sector.

It is a new and exciting period for us … to see just how far we can push the Audio envelope.

Your sincerely

Lion Kwaaijtaal and Cees Ruijtenberg

Sonnet Digital Audio

Some nostalgia. Back to the year 1990 when we made our first electrostatic speaker.

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