Digital to Analog Conversion with lossless volume control.The Sonnet range will gives you more weight, body, tonal richness, and a more natural sense of the space of the recording. Or to put it more plainly, it fleshes out your music more! This new range does a wonderful job of presenting even the most complex music in a natural and inviting manner with every last ounce of nuance in tact. Thereís no artificial sounding edge, no sense of a flat cutout image, basically none of digitalís nastier stuff. In some cases this can also come with a somewhat dark and muddy sound but that is absolutely not the case with the new Sonnet range.It allows you to hear deep into the recording and the recordingís quality. This is somewhat of a good news/bad news proposition in that youíll really hear whatís there.

Pure & Simple Digital to Analog conversion with Volume control
What more can you do after launching one of the best DACs available today?  The idea of having a decent volume control to prevent a analog Pre-Amplifier could improve performance dramatically. However, we also know that the way of introducing such device in the signal chain can also have a negative effect. Experiments were made and as result the best sound was coming directly from our new  fully balanced dac modules.  Especially in case of R2R ladder DACs it is quite easy to change the output voltage of the DAC by changing its reference voltage . The SDA-2, a new generation DAC module was designed to get the best regulation possible. The result of this process is an extremely high linearity, right down to -140 dB, which gives our products a realistic 24 bit dynamic range.  It is musical, honors the Non-oversampling principle and simultaneously incorporating the technological progress that has been made over the years.


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